What kind of a student are you in dance class?

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Do you just show up, run mindlessly through your steps, and then do it all over again the next class?  Or do you really listen to what your TCRG is saying to you (and to everyone else…you can also learn from their mistakes), and try to work on those constructive critiques throughout your dancing?  Do you FOCUS on the things that need improvement or do you just think that you will work on it later and get it better next time?  Take a minute to really think about what you do when you are in the studio.  Use your time there wisely.  If it is not your turn to dance, pick an exercise to work on one of your weaknesses instead of grabbing your phone and getting on instagram.  Be present.  Try your hardest.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Your parents who pay for class will appreciate it, your teacher will notice it and just maybe the next judges who see you dance at a feis will too.

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