The Importance of Recovery

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Many of you are in peak training for your Oireachtas right about now.  One very important piece of your training should be sufficient rest and recovery between training sessions.  Unfortunately, this part of the training plan is often overlooked or just completely ignored.  Please do not wait for pain or injury to occur before you start implementing this vital part of your competition preparation!

“When training intensity is not balanced with adequate recovery, needed cellular repair may be hampered. Subclinical tissue damage may occur even before pain or other symptoms are reported” (ACSM Health & Fitness Journal, Feb 2016).

The following are suggested muscle recovery techniques to keep you free from injury and at peak performance:

  1. Foam rolling
  2. Pilates
  3. Yoga
  4. Massage
  5. Epsom salts bath
  6. Adequate sleep
  7. Proper nutrition (with sufficient protein intake)
  8. Proper hydration
  9. Stretching
  10. Rest days!

Try to incorporate one or more of these techniques into your training routine and you will be glad you did!  A good recovery plan will relieve soreness, rebuild any damaged tissues, and build up energy for future training.  This will result in a whole body reboot and recharge which will allow you to perform at your very best!

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