Leg Power: What it is and how to improve it!

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As we head into the Strength, Power & Stamina module of our Oireachtas Training Plan, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss explosive power.  First and foremost, we need a good foundation and core support to be able to build power safely and effectively.  That is why our entire first month of the Training Plan has been devoted to developing a strong core, correct alignment and good posture.  We will continue to strengthen these stabilizing muscles as we progress in our training.

Podium Strength often combines strength, power and stamina because they contribute to each other in the training process.  Power is the combination of strength and speed in which we are attempting to produce maximum effort in a short period of time.  Since this type of training usually involves plyometrics, or jumping exercises, it is an ideal opportunity to work on improving stamina.

An effective approach to building leg power is to first develop a strong core foundation for proper body mechanics, then to build strength in not only the muscles, but the ligaments and tendons as well, and finally to engage in high intensity intervals of explosive movements with appropriate rest intervals.

Always remember to warm up before power training, and that recovery from these sessions is vital to improving performance.  Fueling the body with the right foods will also make an enormous difference in the training process.  And don’t forget to listen to your body!  If something does not feel right, you may need to adjust your training or reach out to a fitness professional for a technique check.  You can always reach out to us here at Podium Strength, as we are here to help!  One of our goals is to produce strong dancers with powerful performances!

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