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Since most dancers maintain very busy schedules between school and weekly dance classes, Mimi decided to put her sport specific fitness training online so that dancers can use the platform when it is convenient for them. Podium On-Demand exercises and workouts are designed to benefit any age and any level dancer. Both novice and advanced training plans are included in order to better guide dancers with their training. Individual assistance is always available via email if required.

This program is suitable for all ages and levels of experience


Exercise Library

Podium On-Demand members will have access to the Podium Exercise Library consisting of individual exercises categorized by training focus. Each exercise in the library is shown in a video along with a detailed description of technique and how to perform the exercise. Exercises will continuously be added to the Exercise Library.

Workout Library

Members will also have access to the Podium Workout Library which combines the Podium exercises into full length and effective workouts, each with a specific training focus. These workouts are short and effective as they are meant to supplement dancing and not take priority over it. The key to results is and will always be consistency. Workouts will continuously be added to the Workout Library.

12-Week Training Plans

Members will have access to 12-week Novice and Advanced Podium Strength Training Plans which provide guidance on how to most effectively arrange the Podium Workouts over a three-month period.


"I love training with Mimi Phillips. She showed me how to strengthen my core and my turnout and my posture improved. She encourages me, she motivates me, and she inspires me. She is a wonderful trainer and makes training fun!"Niamh

"Mimi is a very helpful and motivated trainer for Irish dance! She pinpoints exactly what you need to work on whether it be stamina, turnout, posture, etc., and gives you effective exercises and instruction on how to improve. She is experienced in the world of Irish dance and is an awesome trainer and supporter!"Zoe

Certifications & Education

Master’s degree in Exercise Science, UNC Chapel Hill 2004

Certified Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine since 2005

Certified Stott Pilates instructor since 2006

Total Barre Instructor

18 years of experience teaching and coaching as a fitness professional

30 years of dance training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom and Irish

American All-Star dancer, performer and instructor

Open Champion Irish dancer


Meet Mimi...

Every competitive dancer dreams of stepping up onto the podium. And every dance parent longs to see the pure joy on their child’s face as they accept an award for months of hard work. My goal is to help every dancer and parent experience this moment.

The mission of Podium Strength & Performance is to assist dancers in reaching their competitive goals through safe and effective fitness training. Since each dancer is unique in terms of strengths and weaknesses, Podium will work to address each dancer’s specific and individual needs while also maintaining a well-rounded focus for all dancers.