So Much More than Dancing

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We just returned home from the 2018 World Irish Dancing Championships in Glasgow.  It was an incredible trip, just like it was last year in Ireland.  Scotland and its people are amazing, and we are so grateful that we were able to spend time there.  On our long flight home, I thought a lot about why I appreciate the “Irish dancing world” so much and here are my thoughts…

We obviously all fell in love with the art form and sport of Irish dancing a long time ago and that’s why we have been able to reap all the benefits, of which there are many.  Many of us go on vacation, but we also very frequently get too busy and caught up with work and school and everyday life to be able to take such trips.  These national and international competitions give us a reason to travel and see the world.  I am quite certain our daughter would not yet have seen Ireland, Scotland, and Iceland (via flight connections) had she not qualified for the World Championships.

She also would not have spent so much quality time with her grandparents.  My parents came with us on both trips to Worlds and I absolutely love the time that we have spent together because of this.  There were so many fun and new experiences that she will never forget having with them, like afternoon tea and driving on the “wrong” side of the road, not to mention the sheep blocking traffic and the very different food options.

Speaking of food…one of my favorite stories from our trip this year is written in my daughter’s travel journal.  “When I was backstage, I made a new friend from Glasgow.  We debated on how to say tomato and what to call a popsicle (or ice lolly).  She told me she loved my accent and I thought I didn’t have one.  She was really nice!”

This small encounter was so incredible to me.  I just love the fact that my daughter, at the age of 11, can see these wonderful places, meet these incredible people, and have so many new and amazing experiences.  Our world of Irish dance brings people together, provides opportunity, and enhances our lives.  It’s so much more than dancing and we are so glad to be a part of it.

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