CHALLENGE – 30 Days to Better Turnout!

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To improve your turnout, you need to strengthen your lateral rotators and increase the range of motion in your hip joint. We have picked the following 3 exercises to do for 30 SECONDS each for the next 30 DAYS in order to achieve better turnout.

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1. Standing Lateral Rotation – Standing tall with the legs hip width apart, arms straight and glued to your side. Simply engage the lateral rotators in the glutes to turn the legs out and relax to turn back to parallel.  Legs should remain straight and extended at the knees.  This exercise can be done with gliding discs or simply in socks that will allow the feet to slide as you externally rotate.

2. Supine Single Leg Circles – Lying on your back, arms long at your sides, palms flat on the ground, legs together, extended and laterally rotated (turned out), toes pointed.  Engage the core, then flex the hip, lifting one leg straight up to the sky.  Abduct the leg to circle away from the torso and then adduct back to its starting position on the mat. The circling leg should remain extended, toe pointed, and the opposite hip and extended leg should remain on the mat.  Alternate legs.

3. Prone Leg Lifts – Lying on your stomach, arms folded above the shoulders with hands stacked, forehead resting on hands, legs extended and laterally rotated, toes pointed.  Engaging the core, lift one leg up and away from the mat using the lateral rotators and gluteal muscles while keeping the leg fully extended and then lower back down.  Alternate legs.


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