Are you training the right muscle fibers?

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We all have two general types of muscle fibers, fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast twitch muscle fibers are engaged in explosive powerful movements, such as jumping and sprinting. Slow twitch muscle fibers are involved in endurance exercises, such as marathon running and lifting lighter weights for a longer period of time. Since Irish dancers are on stage for only about two minutes, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to train the slow twitch fibers as this is hardly an endurance event. Therefore, if you are training by running a couple of miles, you are not doing the most efficient training for your sport. A much more effective and sport-specific training would be interval running consisting of short bursts of speed and power followed by a period of rest. Competitive Irish dancing is a near maximal effort over a short period of time so go spend a little time building up your fast twitch muscle fibers. You need them to be strong and quick! Not sure how? Contact Podium Strength & Performance for help!

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